Mother Recreates Movie Scenes By Dressing Her Baby In Costumes

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A mother has recreated famous movie scenes by dressing up her one-year-old daughter - with hilarious results.

Twenty-month-old Evie Simpson has been transformed into characters from Kill Bill (above), Die Hard and even Hannibal. Scroll through to see more...
Mother Jessica Simpson, 32, from the UK, started dressing daughter Evie up as movie characters as a joke for family and friends - but now spends hours on each scene.

Pictured, Evie as Walter White from Breaking Bad.
In this shot Evie becomes Daenerys Targaryen, the Dragon Queen from Game of Thrones. 
Here is Evie dressed as Marvel character Hellboy.

The pictures have gone down so well, people now message Jessica asking when her next photoshoot is. 
Evie with a six-pack drawn on to recreate Gerard Butler's role as Leonidas in 300. 
And not all the characters are children friendly!

Among the most humorous of images is Evie dressed as Hannibal Lecter from Silence of the Lambs. 
In another recreation, little Evie can be seen crawling through a tin foil pipe as she and Jessica create a scene from Die Hard. 
A wild adventure!

Little Evie can be seen navigating her way through a series of dinosaur balloons as the duo recreate Jurassic Park. 
And it's not just movie and TV!

Jessica also dressed her daughter up as the musician Stevie Wonder for one of the photoshoots.
Other famous characters include Britney Spears from her Hit Me Baby One More Time video.

Evie's mother Jessica said she has plenty more photoshoots planned: 'But I can't tell you what they are. It's a secret.'